Friday, May 15, 2009

May News!

Sorry for delay, but I'm still working on this demo. Btw I was surprised too see posts in my blog! :)
I was away for several months so I didn't have time to edit my posts here! I think it's better not to make any deadlines so I decided just to report porgress on my fan game!

So what do we have now:

1) An engine ready to work
2) Some maps
3) Damn my char's moves are so smooth!!! :3
4) Plot(main thing!!!)
5) Music
6) A charge of health

Okay, here are some screens of the tech demo:

AH, Almost forgot!
I have some test videos on my early engine version! Here's one of them:

As for the site, I think I'll make some updates on it later, when I'll have enough materials to show you! Meanwhile you can enjoy my music on my site: there are also links to myspace and newgrounds profile! Cheers!


  1. For someone who criticizes other fan games just because they don't make their resources from scratch, I certainly expect this to look a lot better by the time a playable version comes out. 8-D

  2. Try to make someting even close to this and then we will talk but now just shut up and go to hell!
    As for you, nice job, bot! Just don't listen to fags like him and continue working! We all hope you can make it!

  3. Whoa! Guys, no wars on my page! Nobody likes trash in blogs, huh? I really appreciate your support but please don't harass each other!