Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July News! Post #2

Greetings, Visitor!
Today I have not much news for you unfortunately. I have made a great progress, even greater than before but there are some changes so I have to remake my engine because it's not optimized enough so the system requirements are very high(see June News! Post #2), some codes are broken and so on. I played some games recently("Aquaria", "Braid", "Spine World", "The Underside on TIG Source" , "Scary Girl") and noticed that all games are highly detailed but very stabil. I understood that I've made a lot of mistakes in my engine.
So I decided to release a small tech demo without any plot closer to October. Why October? First of all, it's second half July and I've got some shows on August in Sochi city (I spend my time on rehearsals last weeks), I have loads of work(my recording studio also takes much time), then I'll leave for Moscow for a while. When I arrive at home, I'll finish the demo and post it here, in my Metroid: The X-Child Blog. After that I'm going to rewrite the whole code and redo all the graphics but that'll be another story.
Visitor, I need your support - spread a word about this game or become a follower, that will really warm my heart up and give some new strength to work on the engine!
Cheers Visitor and see you on "August News"! :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July News!

Hello again visitor! It's July and I have a bunch of news for today!
While I was working on the engine I've got a lot of advices from people around. Sooooo:

1) Each part of the main character was redrawn - now we've got a new version of our demo hero, here it is!

Now the space man looks better,huh? :)
2) Getting experienced with 3DSMax8. One of the ships from the demo:

3) A deadline will be anounced soon, keep checking the blog page! :)
4) Working on a site update - there will be some big changes closer to August!

That's all for today. More information will come with the "July News! Post#2". Keep checking my blog! You can also subscribe to RSS, check my IGN page or become the follower of this blog! Thanks for your attention, comments are welcome as always! :)