Monday, June 15, 2009

June News! Post #2

It's June, 15! How are you? Still interested? Here are some news!

1)"Made in IGN"! :D

Now you can find all news related to my games on IGN! Don't forget about my main site ! I'll be very glad to see your comments in my guestbook! :)
2) Some small progress as always! Making some cinematics, here are some screenshots!

Those screenshots are a little bit outdated. I've posted them to show you some signs of progress and not to spoil the game! Of course those screenies are causing a lot of questions! That makes some sense! :) There will be some fresh ones on July.
3) Welcome our first follower! Congratulations Matt, you're the first of several hundreds of people who watched the blog and decided to follow this blog!
You can also become the follower of this blog, dear guest! Feel free to join the blog, get RSS and surely post comments!
4) There will be a site update soon! Two clues: it will become larger and it will become brighter! :) All the information goes with the "July News!" post.

Unfortunately I've got no videos for today because most of my attention goes to the trailer! However there will be some short demos in the "July News!" post! Still not posting the deadline to avoid some unnecessary moments!

Now to the most interesting!
Wanna become a play tester of this engine? You can still download this little tech demo prebuild(was made in an hour) so you can find out if your computer will be able to run the main tech demo. I'll be posting links to some new, more optimized demos, made in an hour or two. To run this demo you need to have a video card with P.S. 2.0 shader support, OGG Vorbis audio format support(.ogg - I'm sure you have it) and latest DirectX 9.0 build. My computer runs the game very well with AMD Athlon XP 2500+ (1.96 Mhz) processor, nVidia Geforce 6600 video card and DDR 1GB RAM.

That's all for now! Gotta go, a lot of work awaits! >:D
Comments are welcome! :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

June News!

Hello again! It's June already! That means only one thing - holidaaaaays! Did you think how are you going to spend your holidays? One advice: if you're planning to spend your holidays sitting in front of blue display, you're losing your time! Stand up, take your phone and book a ticket to the sea! Ok, now to the news!

Some minor changes as usual:

1) Reworked the site a bit - at least there's more information about the project!
2) Reworked the engine again - there were some small bugs - thanks to play testers!
3) The demo is growing - it's 6 mb already!
4) Bad news - there will be no Game Boy Advanced version and no Flash version. Concentrated on the main object - exe.
5) Working on a trailer - a guy with a powerful 4 core cpu and superb Geforce card agreed to help me! :)
6) Members page is no more since I decided to work on the game alone for a while because there is no work for other members yet.

Some interesting facts:

1) 342 people were willing to test the engine, even that number was rather big for me(it's very hard to choose play testers)! Today there are 3 play testers, each of them has a great game playing experience!
2) I gave a show with some of the "Metroid'y" tunes on a local bike fest! Don't think there are only electronic tracks in the game list! ;)
3) I'm a bad student - most of my copy-books were drawn all over with the game concepts!

There will be fresh screenshots this month in "June News! Post #2"!
Check my tunes on myspace!
Cheers a lot!