Friday, December 18, 2009


Hello visitor! Long time no see! I decided to call this post "December", just "December" because there are no news at all. I still have a lot of job to do(many clients want to record their songs for Christmas), in short, no progress at all. You'll probably ask me why am I still posting. The project is not dead and still waiting for it's refreshing. I simply don't want to cancel this project because I know it will be awesome. I will not make any surprises this Christmas but I hope to bring you the demo on January(almost whole January is free for me). Cheers visitor and don't lose your hope! Meet ya next year ;)


  1. Great! You should look into advertising a little bit more. I would have never found your project without AM2R posting a link.
    I wish you much luck, and keep at it.

  2. Thanks man! :) I'd like to, but I must make a demo at least to advertise it though it's really nice to read such post! Thanks for heads up, that encourages me much! If you have some questions about the projects feel free to write here or to my mail! Cheers and thanks for support, I hope you also spread a word about it! ;)