Saturday, August 15, 2009

August News! Post #2

En Taro Adun, visitor!
Today there are not much news but another cool picture by Paul Olak, you can see it up there! There will be other works by Paul on my site closer to October, you're also welcome to make some cool concept or fan art! :)
So what's gonna happen after tech demo release?

1) I'm going to create a forum;
2) Since there is a lot of people willing to help me, I'm planning to start recruiting;
3) I was planning to update the site but I didn't think there'll be so much material to add! The site is going to become very interesting, thanks to you guys!

Another thing:
4) Metroid: The X-Child slightly morphs into collaborative work! That means that you can also take a part in convention of this game! Create some stories, concept art, music - all creations will be gladly accepted! Don't forget about your names so I will be able to post them in credits section!

You can still become follower of the "Metroid: The X-Child" blog! Thanks for attention! Gotta go, work awaits! Cheers, visitor! ;D


  1. when do you release the game?

  2. Hulala, another Metroid fan game! :D

  3. Great! I'm glad you getting well with your game! Wish you best luck!

  4. What can I say? Good luck, hope you'll not fail oue expectations like SR388 and MP2D did.

  5. gotta love the starcraft reference there!