Saturday, August 1, 2009

August News!

Greetings, visitor!
My report today:

1)Amazing! I haven't released the game yet and there's already fan art!

This fan sketch was made by Elratauru. He's a great artist, you can see his works on . He's also a Sonic Retro member so be sure to visit Sonic Retro site!

2) I'm going to showcast my fan game on Nintendo Community Fangame Convention site (NCFC)! Visit if you wanna more information about what is it.

Unfortunately I cannot write anymore because I'm sitting in an internet club and I don't have much time. This post will be updated as soon as it will be possible. Cheers and great thanks to you people! You provide me a super great support! :D


  1. Amazing! I love your work, my friend! Check out my blogspot. I think you may like it, too!

  2. ur monsta, bot! seems like october will be happiest month in my life!

  3. Great thing, Android-Music! Hope you will manage do finish your game in time! Good luck, still watinig! :)

  4. cool! waitin' for the demo! :D

  5. That's really nice, George! Oh, I saw the link to your site in Dr.M64's blog! Are you working in one team?



    Check out my one :-)
    I would love to do more :-)

    Paul O.

  8. Yay, that's really cool! I didn't expect such a great work! Guys, witness the new type of fan art: pre fan art! :D I see the project turns bigger so I think we could do some additional work together! Let's post pics in this way: you send your pics to my email(, leave some information you desire (like Elratauru or Paul did, some links to your sites, two or three words about yourself), then I'll post your pics on my site when the demo will be released and the site will be updated and post this info there so we will make a surprise for other people. I think that'll be a great collab! :D