Friday, August 5, 2011

August Haha!

Hello visitor, last time we met I didn't have any hope to continue work on my project cause I really got frustated on reworking the game from beginning to the end because of instability of the engine(it's pretty stable now), ladies and gentlemen, it's Construct! You may have heard about Minitroid Demo

So the author made this game in Construct! Must admit he's working much better with the program than me. He found an optimal decision for his fan game - pixel graphics, while I tried to make it HD. Years passed and only now I started to understand what should I really do to achieve a good result! Still thinking out how to finish the game without needing to rewrite it from scratch again! D: I'm also thinking about making my own game from this, so probably it won't be X-Child anymore! I suspect it will be something like A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda, but easier and PC only(great pity).

Another inspiration was a video of an untitled Unity based game which made me happy, just look at how their hero looks much like mine! :D This is awesome! So I decided to return my mind back and get to work... NOW!


  1. Nice to be hearing from you, i was already afraid you gave up! :D

  2. Oh man, I'm just not that crazy to end this madness, at least these days! :) Really hope to put up a normal demo as soon as possible! Cheers and thanks for feedback! :)