Saturday, April 21, 2012

I've got a feeling I will never finish this fan game D: But to make this post interesting I'm putting out a link to an awesome upcoming run'n'gun game Intrusion 2, I'm composer there:


  1. Ah well, it could have been interesting. I know I for one play everything 'Metroid' I can get my hands on! I know this is late, but, good luck!

  2. Thanks man! Great pity I couldn't make Metroid fan game - I started the project too early - the program which I used(Construct Classic) was very young that time, I made a fully working demo but could not post it since it's got corrupted by time. Only now Construct has got a shape - A game developer Konjak is making a great game Iconoclasts, check out his site. Also: Wolod has released Sunkin's Wrath for sale!
    Both games and Minitroid demo were made in Construct.
    Cheers! ;)