Tuesday, October 16, 2012

End of The Station 2012

So Hi Again!

I made a game for a Russian contest "End of The World 2012". I made it in 5 days.
It's a quick metroidvania prototype about a strange accident on Station 2012 and a hero to investigate the matter. Why did he go there? Is it a kind of a mision? Someone sent him? Or did he have intention to visit the long forgotten place? Pirate? Scientist? Trooper? Politician? What is he seeking there? Who knows, even I don't know yet. :D

Whatever anybody says I'm proud of this small but nice game - at least I was able to finish something in 5 days I couldn't in 4 years!

Here's the link to the entry - http://db.tt/hOQUPb6R

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